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Over The Top Car Care provides the best auto and special event management service in the business. We’re proud to offer extensive event management expertise and 20+ years of logistics experience. At every event we provide impeccable, reliable service to save your company stress and expense.

Our team will exceed your expectations while keeping vehicles in meticulous display condition for the duration of your event. We maintain onsite staff working hard to constantly improve the pristine appearance and condition of your vehicles throughout the event.  We provide award level service, customer care and attention to the most minute details both in planning the event and during the show.  We use premium green detailing products considered to be among the best and safest in the industry.

We regularly handle large fleets of vehicles for golf tournaments, automobile manufacturer launches, dealer introductions and other auto events where demands are high and challenges are overcome because of our many years in the industry and unsurpassed attention to detail.  Because we are passionate about what we do we enjoy the challenge and welcome an opportunity to provide outstanding service for your event.

In addition to national auto events, we provide local detailing and dealer fleet washing as well. We are located in Orange County and serve much of Southern California,  Orange County and Los Angeles.  Call us for other locations or more information about booking and planning your next showcase or auto event.

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New Sanitization Services!

Contact us for fleet sanitization or for your next auto event! ​
Play Video about Sanitizing clean of car interior. Steering wheel and seats disinfection


Over the Top Car Care proudly services some of the most revered brands in the auto industry

When you work with industry giants such as Rolls Royce, BMW, Lexus, Kia, Chevrolet and more, there really isn’t any room for marginal performance; we have to be the best because we work for the best.

We perform regularly for both local dealerships and nationally at corporate level and top the preferred vendor list for many venues as well. While we don’t solicit reviews or testimonials, we do get a lot of “Over the Top” feedback.  It’s very rewarding hearing the gratitude and relief in phrases like…


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