Car Wraps in Orange County, LA

Car Wraps in Orange County, LA

Car wrapping is an amazing way to transform the look of your vehicle or emphasize some parts temporarily. Our vehicle wrapping specialists provide top-class services to match the unique needs of every client, vehicle, and budget.

Error-Free Vinyl Car Wrapping

While car wrapping may seem rather straightforward, a simple mistake or imperfection will negatively affect the results. The specialists at Over the Top Car Care have many years of experience in wrapping all types of vehicles.
And while giving special attention to the smallest details, we ensure that your vehicle gets the top-quality wrap it truly deserves.

Enjoy a Complete Range of Car Wraps

At Over the Top Car Care, you’ll select from a wide range of car wrap options including:

Gloss Vinyl

This is among the most popular car wraps that give your car a look similar to a painting job. And because it reflects light, it will make your vehicle shine.

Matte Wrap

Though matter wrap isn’t shiny, it absorbs light, giving your car a lustrous matte look. And because matter wraps accentuate your vehicle’s body line, the curves will be more pronounced.

Carbon Fiber Wrap

This adds a more luxurious, sporty look for your car just like carbon fiber.

Car Wraps in Orange County, LA
Car Wraps in Orange County, LA

Color Flip Wrap

With this iridescent film, your car will have an outstanding color flow that keeps changing in diverse lighting angles.

Satin Wraps

If you can’t choose between vinyl wraps and matte wraps, go for the silk-looking satin wrap.

Wood Wrap

If you want a beautiful, original look for your car, wood wraps are simply perfect!

And so much more! Whatever wraps you need for your vehicle, you can trust the experts at Over the Top Car Care to handle it.

We Wrap All Types of Vehicles

Have you just dropped off a client that you suspect of having COVID? Or maybe you are from a high-risk area and want to be sure that you are safe? Over the Top Car Care can help! Our COVID car sanitization experts are available 24/7 for all your emergency car disinfecting needs.

Complete Car Wrap or Partial Car Wraps, We Can Handle it!

Whether you only want to wrap your vehicle roof or the entire vehicle, you can trust our experts to get the job done right. We’ll give your car that creative customization that will match your style and budget.

Car Wraps in Orange County, LA
car wrap in Orange county, LA

How Much Does Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Cost?

This depends on several factors including:

Schedule Your Car Wrap Consultation Now

Want to upgrade the appearance and feel of your car? Do you need that extra protection against damages?
Contact Over the Top Car Care now for this and more. Our car wrap services will not only alter your vehicle’s appearance but also protect the original paint.

Benefits of Car Wraps

With a wide range of colors, designs, and textures to choose from, you can have any look you want for your car. Even better, you can apply custom graphics and anything else your wild imagination can get you!

Not forgetting that you can design your car wrap that features your company’s logo as a way of advertising your business.

A professional paint job may cost up to $8000 more compared to car wraps. So if you are working on a limited budget, wrapping your car makes the best option.

Unlike a painting job that may a week or more to finish, car wrapping takes 3 days or less to complete. So, if you want to get back on the road faster, car wrap is the way to go.

While cleaning, driving, or even parking your car in the garage, it is so easy to scratch the paintwork. This is why you need car wraps to protect the paint against damage and keep your car in great shape.

Car wrapping will maintain the real value of your car if you plan to sell it in the future.

Unlike painting which is hard to change, you can easily remove or replace your car wraps while keeping your car safe. This flexibility will allow you to restore the original look of your car anytime you want to sell it.