COVID Car Sanitization in Orange County, LA

vehicle sanitation in Orange County, LA
Over the Top Car Care provides highly-effective COVID-19 car sanitization services for personal cars, fleets, rental vehicles, taxis, and company vehicles. And depending on your preference and availability, you can bring your car to our facility for COVID-19 disinfecting or we will come to your location. During the COVID car disinfection process, we use hospital-grade disinfectants to thoroughly clean your car’s high-touch areas including:
Also, we sanitize all exterior high-touch areas on your car including:

We Provide Sanitization Services for All Vehicle Makes and Models

vehicle sanitation in Orange County, LA

Emergency COVID-19 Car Disinfecting Services

Have you just dropped off a client that you suspect of having COVID? Or maybe you are from a high-risk area and want to be sure that you are safe? Over the Top Car Care can help! Our COVID car sanitization experts are available 24/7 for all your emergency car disinfecting needs.

Is COVID Car Sanitization Really Necessary?

The truth is, though COVID-19 is mostly spread if infected persons cough or sneeze near you, the virus can survive for some time on surfaces. With professional car sanitization, you’ll be sure that your car is safe every time you use it. And because the sanitizing process takes as little as 10 minutes, you’ll have time to complete other important tasks.
vehicle sanitation in Orange County, LA
vehicle sanitation in Orange County, LA

Our Car sanitization Guarantee

Also, our sanitization products are safe for use in any part of your car including electronics, leather, and glass.

Schedule Your COVID-19 Car Sanitization Appointment Now

For safe, and effective car sanitization in Orange County, LA, contact Over the Top Car Care. And as always, we guarantee effective, fast car sanitization with zero risks to your health.

COVID-19 Car Sanitization Facts

Though we’ve achieved a lot of wins against COVID-19, the end is nowhere in sight. And according to the experts, this virus is most likely here for a very long time. With this in mind, the only way to stay safe is to take all necessary precautions to keep your loved ones safe. And while it is possible to use over-the-counter sanitization products to sanitize your car, they may not be very effective. Others may contain harmful ingredients that can ruin your car’s interior or lead to allergic reactions.